The Prince of Wales's Harp

The Prince of Wales's Harp

Institutional Brochure

A unique museum in the world.
Poetry and ingenuity they can create extraordinary wonders, the harp is one of them.

Institutional Brochure 2015

All colors of the Harp

The Museo dell’Arpa Victor Salvi has created a collection of educational pathways so children and youngsters can approach this wonderful world.

Libretto Didattica 2017


Restoration: passion and professionality
The restoration workshop is open to any institution or individual which wishes to restore ancient harp.

Restoration Brochure 2015

Your precious moments

Libretto Arte & Musica 2015

New collaboration

A new sweet and daring path for the groups

A new sweet and daring path for the groups

Armonie d'Autunno

“Armonie d’Autunno” the institutional concert season of the Museo dell’Arpa Victor Salvi pays tribute to the harp and to its great versatility came to the seventh edition.

Libretto Arte & Musica 2015